Ellen Rogers

By the author of Studs Lonigan, Kirkus Reviews remarks "As only Farrell can do it, here is a cold-blooded, damning exposure of love and sex in all its banality, crudity, conceit and self-importance. Ellen is pretty and wise, well able to handle anything until she meets Ed; Ed is a glib exhibitionist, pimping money off easy girls, past master at mock heroics, -- in and out of jails and jobs." Vanguard Press markings on jacket and copyright page, Dial Press marking on book spine. Jacket shows some edgewear, several damage spots, soil. Binding is tight and solid, some light cover soil. Foxing to outside edge. Light grey cover. 429 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches.

  • Ellen Rogers
  • James T. Farrell
  • The Vanguard Press / Dial Press, 1941

Bumarap: The Story of a Male Virgin

Novel by Roth, an American publisher and writer known for published banned works in the 1920s-1960, including Ulysses, Lady Chatterley's Lover, Fanny Hill and many others. From the jacket: "This is the saga of a semi-literate Italian who, in the pursuit of that will-o-the-wisp of modernism, personal equality under law, becomes involved in a series of incidents that transform the garish New York landscape into a storied fairyland." Binding is crisp and tight, covers show some faint discoloration. Jacket shows edgewear and some soil, rubbing. 256 pages, 5.5 x 8 inches.

  • Bumarap: The Story of a Male Virgin
  • Samuel Roth
  • Arrowhead Books, 1947

The Birdcage

Contemporary Fiction edition of John Bowen's novel of a modern relationship. From Fantastic Fiction: "In John Bowen's The Birdcage Peter Ash and Norah Palmer have been living together for nine years. Having never seen the point in getting married they are the epitome of a modern successful career-oriented couple; Peter is the compere for a series of 'art' films and Norah is the Script Editor for the Drama Department of a commercial television company. Why then when holidaying in Venice does Peter decide to break up their long-lasting relationship? What happens to their order and sense of self when he succeeds? By turns wildly funny and frightening The Birdcage is a novel about the end of a love affair, the repercussions and the emotional fallout. A host of brilliantly created characters people the book, including Bunty Bates the policewoman, and Edward Laverick, a playwright who finds himself the object of a hunt." Book is in good clean condition, tight and crisp. Jacket is in good condition with very light edgewear, some dust/foxing. 208 pages, 5 x 7 inches.

  • The Birdcage
  • John Bowen
  • Faber and Faber, 1964

Celestial Escapade

From Kirkus Reviews: "Light in tone, but with more ballast in content than you might expect, is this comedy of manners, of the winter of '49 in Hong Kong, before the Communists came to Shanghai. There is Trixie, Eurasian, spoiling for an insult, cocky because she is ""white"" Ralph Goswell's pampered mistress; Dottie Goswell, whose stroke leaves her out of the picture -- and yet something of a victor; Ralph, whose business success is threatened by Trixie's voluntary (and involuntary) ability to create trouble; Ralph's sons who trail the situation into a crisis for Ralph's life; assorted foreigners who highlight the events in flux...And there is the flight to Shanghai, to sniff out the future, to save shekels and skin -- and to come a cropper, for Ralph, with his younger son and his own dignity; for Trixie, found in bed with another, the chance to break clean from her past. Persons with a price are bitingly portrayed against a knowing, foreign background of current events." Clean and crisp copy with minimal wear. A bit of soil. Stated first edition. 5.5 x 8.5 inches with 214 pages. 

  • Celestial Escapade
  • Stella Kirby
  • The Viking Press, 1951
  • First edition

These Married People

From Kirkus Reviews: "An intimate register of domestic interchange in the young marriages of three couples provides a semisweet commentary on the time- the 1950's- and the anxious age of moral indecision which shadows a generation just out of the last war and possibly into the next. For the Drakes, the Benedicts and the Hollisters, all friends, share the uncertainty of a marriage which may not be working out. The Hollisters live in an atmosphere of shock and disunity in spite of four children (two sets of twins) and Carol is relentless in her analytical invective and idiom which spikes every argument- while Dave, far past psychiatry, finds that her neurosis is largely Freud. The Drakes hit a when Mimi, who is impulsive and ambitious, interferes in the business in which Tim is impractical and to which he is indifferent- to the point of giving it up and staying home. For the Benedicts, there's Kit's doubt of Steve, as letters from a girl in Europe revive a wartime affair and it is not until she reaches a point of confidence in herself that she finds her faith in him." Some slight wear to jacket, small tear along spine. Covers clean and crisp, pages of text browned. 5.5 x 8.5 inches with 246 pages.

  • These Married People
  • Corinne Running
  • Rhinehart & Co., 1953
  • First edition

The Return of Christopher

From Kirkus Reviews: "This is the story of Christopher Gayle whose life's attempts to be free of the bondage of religion ended in the full turn to conversion. For Christopher knew an unrelenting, almost fanatical father, a small Southern town whose rigid social and church codes left no room for liberal understanding, and three women, not of his family, who were to influence his life:- Hughsie, whom he learned he loved almost too late, Maureen, who could not believe he was never to be hers, and Jessie, a bad girl of the town, who, knowing she could never have him, determined Maureen never would. And Christopher, who could not stomach the hypocrisy of his Christian church, denounced his faith, disappeared from home, and wound up in California for erratic, intensive study, marriage to Hughsie, wartime success and postwar change. When the call came, to be ordained in his home town church, it was an old minister and Hughsie's real surrender that made the way clear. A sober, searching of spiritual climes, this takes the temperature of the times and the people -- and comes up with a reasoned answer." Stated first edition. Covers clean and crisp, pages show a bit of browning. Some soil and foxing to jacket, colors bright. 304 pages, 6 x 8.5 inches.

  • The Return of Christopher
  • Margaret Echard
  • Doubleday and Company, 1951
  • First edition