Lige Golden, The Man Who Twinkled

From the September 1924 edition of the Bulletin of the Vermont State Board of Education: "The author is a well-known Boston physician and a native of Vermont. This story has been described as an absorbingly new kind of psychological novel in which mystery, romance and magic blend with the Vermont landscape of hills, brooks, meadows and farms to unfold a boy's interpretation of the unique character of Lige Golden - a modern Man of Sorrows whose eyes twinkle like bubbles of light in a dark fountain." Clean orange-yellow covers, some mild wear to edges. Portions of original jacket included. Former library card slot present in rear of book. 5.5"x7" with 207 pages. First Impression.
  • Lige Golden, The Man Who Twinkled
  • William W. Harvey
  • B. J. Brimmer Company, 1924