The Return of Christopher

From Kirkus Reviews: "This is the story of Christopher Gayle whose life's attempts to be free of the bondage of religion ended in the full turn to conversion. For Christopher knew an unrelenting, almost fanatical father, a small Southern town whose rigid social and church codes left no room for liberal understanding, and three women, not of his family, who were to influence his life:- Hughsie, whom he learned he loved almost too late, Maureen, who could not believe he was never to be hers, and Jessie, a bad girl of the town, who, knowing she could never have him, determined Maureen never would. And Christopher, who could not stomach the hypocrisy of his Christian church, denounced his faith, disappeared from home, and wound up in California for erratic, intensive study, marriage to Hughsie, wartime success and postwar change. When the call came, to be ordained in his home town church, it was an old minister and Hughsie's real surrender that made the way clear. A sober, searching of spiritual climes, this takes the temperature of the times and the people -- and comes up with a reasoned answer." Stated first edition. Covers clean and crisp, pages show a bit of browning. Some soil and foxing to jacket, colors bright. 304 pages, 6 x 8.5 inches.

  • The Return of Christopher
  • Margaret Echard
  • Doubleday and Company, 1951
  • First edition