Out of This World

Penguin #537. Anthology of fantastic and unbelievable tales. Light page toning. Spine is darkened. A little cover soil. 245 pages. Works include:
H.G. Wells: "A Vision of Judgment"
Oscar Wilde: "The Canterville Ghost"
Lord Dunsany: "The Club Secretary"
Jack London: "The Scarlet Plague"
John Collier: "Evening Primrose"
John Collier: "Thus I Refute Beelzy"
Saki (H.H.Munro): "Laura"
Eric Knight: "Sam Small's Tyke"
Robert Arthur: "Satan And Sam Shay"
John Kendrick Bangs: "A Disputed Authorship"
Nelson S. Bond: "Mr Mergenthwirker's Lobblies"
Stephen Vincent Benét: "The King Of The Cats"
Julius Fast: "My Friend Merton"
Arch Oboler: "And Adam Begot"

  • Out of This World
  • Julius Fast, Editor
  • Penguin Books, 1944