Plus Blood in Their Veins

First published as "So It Doesn't Whistle," Kirkus Reviews describes this novel as "Fast New York fandango, in the stylized, in the stylized, monosyllabic manner (let-down from Hemingway), with decor of swing, scotch and sex, in a story ""about some people who knew each other"". There is Shorty, who plays jazz and drinks to keep pace with Connie, who has to drink. There is Pete, a painter, who marries a no-good dame from Minnesota, and makes a big mistake. There is Walt, who tells the story, and who has ""Judith under the skin"", but realizes that Carlotta is really his kind. It doesn't add up to much, but is a species of alcoholic, amatory amusement." 4.25 x 6.5 softcover with 126 pages. Avon #399. Clean and crisp copy with very little wear. 

  • Plus Blood in Their Veins
  • Robert Paul Smith
  • Avon Books, 1952