Children's story of Yaller-Eye, the orange and white cat. From Kirkus Reviews: "Lovely illustrations by Corydon Bell enhance the attractiveness of this jaunty barefoot story about a mountain family and a boy's determination to keep his cat against his father's edicts. Trace the hound was a good hunting dog, but not much company, and Randy did prefer Yaller-Eye, the orange and white cat. But when Yaller-Eye was caught in a trap, and lost the use of one foot, Daddy Reed wanted to put her out of the way. How Randy, with the help of his mother, little sister and Miss Kenmore, the teacher, succeeds in keeping Yaller-Eye makes a happy tale." 6.5" x 10" with 88 pages. Green cover with light green lettering and decorations. Illustrated by Corydon Bell. Edges and corners slightly worn, some light soil.

  • Yaller-Eye
  • Thelma Harrington Bell
  • Corydon Bell, illustrator
  • Guild, 1951