One World

This hard cover book has a black cover with gilt lettering on the front and spine of the cover. The book is signed and inscribed to Hon. James Fritzen (likely of Wisconsin) by the author on the half title page. Willkie was the "dark horse" winner of the Republican nomination in 1940. Willkie supported many New Deal programs, including Social Security, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Wagner Labor Relations Act. An internationalist at heart, he waffled on foreign policy during the campaign to retain the support of isolationist Republicans. Willkie lost the election to Roosevelt 449-82 electoral votes, but secured nearly 6 million more votes that Alf Landon had received in 1936. During World War II, President Roosevelt employed Willkie on diplomatic missions. Willkie wrote this book in 1943, fully embracing international involvement. One World is a manifesto and a travelogue about his seven-week, 31,000-mile tour. It advocates for an end to colonialism, World Federalism, and equality for non-whites in the United States. 5.5 x 8 with 206 pages. Nice clean copy with just some minimal wear and soil to front cover. 8th printing.

  • Wendell l. Willkie
  • Simon and Schuster, 1943
  • 8th Printing