King Arthur

This print comes from Volume XXII of The Library of the World's Greatest Literature, Ancient and Modern" edited by Charles Dudley Warner and published in 1896. This is the limited Connoisseur Edition, of which this is copy number 7 of 500. The print measures approx. 7 inches by 10 inches. 

This print is the color frontispiece of this volume, featuring a page from a 13th century manuscript. It is generally clean and crisp, with a small stain on the lower right. Original tissue guard with explanatory text included.

Title and copyright pages shows for reference purposes and are not included in the sale.

Romance of King Arthur

From a manuscript of the XIIIth century in the National Library at Paris.Arthur is the hero of the Welsh tales of the Round Table. The stories which are now included in the series are of many ages and of many lands as poets and writers enlarged from time to time upon the work of their predecessors. The foundations of the tales are the exploits and adventures of a real Arthur who ruled over a part of the people now called Welsh some time in the sixth century. This chieftain opposed the enemies who invaded his country but being finally defeated went into exile in northern France with whose people he also became a hero. In the Welsh legends Arthur is to return to his own at some time and it is said in some parts of the country so strong is this belief that a person who expresses a doubt upon the subject is in danger of personal injury.