Interview Between Grant and Pemberton

This 6" x 9.5" original antique plate was recovered from "A Centennial Edition of the History of The United States" by Benson J. Lossing. The book was published in 1876 by the Thomas Belknap Company of Hartford, CT. Lossing's history was revised and prepared for the American Centennial in 1876. Book details U.S. history ”from the discovery of America, to the end of the first one hundred years of American independence. With a full account of the approaching Centennial celebration. Illustrated by four hundred engravings.”

This illustration, titled "Interview Between Grant and Pemberton," was engraved by H.L. Stephens. The paper is generally clean and bright, some foxing and light stains towards the edges. Original tissueguard is included. Print shows Union General Ulysses S. Grant and Confederate General John C. Pemberton discussing the terms of the capitulation of Vicksburg, bringing to an end the Union siege of the city.

Title page from the original book shown for informational purposes and is not included with the sale.