Mysterious Mickey Finn

AVON #243. Pages are tanned. Cover is clean save a very small check mark written in pencil. 4"X6" 250 pages. 

"Multimillionaire and philanthropist Hugo Weiss is known in every capital of the Western world as a munificent patron of the arts. When Weiss suddenly vanishes while on a visit to Paris, his disappearance sets the stage for this uncommonly witty and urbane mystery. Homer Evans, an intrepid American detective, turns his keen intellect and remarkable intuition toward solving the puzzle of the financier's disappearance. Assisted by his sharpshooting girlfriend, a cowgirl from the American West, Evans plunges into a maelstrom of kidnapping, art forgery, tax evasion, murder, and a plot to restore the French monarchy."

  • Mysterious Mickey Finn
  • Elliot Paul
  • Avon Publishing Co., 1950