Cocopas and Mojaves

These two prints originate from the 1861 United States government publication "Report Upon the Colorado River of the West Explored in 1857 and 1858 by Lieutenant Joseph C. Ives, Corps of Topographical Engineers, Under the Direction of the Office of Explorations and Surveys, A.A. Humphreys.etc." This is the first book to detailing the Colorado River. The Ives report is also one of the first descriptions of the Grand Canyon (Big Canon of the Colorado), and of the area's native inhabitants. Ives expedition predated John Wesley Powell's expedition by a decade.

These lithographs are plates I and IV from the Indian Portraits section. They depict the Cocopas and Mojaves natives, and were produced by Balduin Mollhausen (1825-1905). The prints are fully intact pages and measure 11 x 8' inches. They show some light soil and foxing, overall very clean and bright.