Story of a Russian Spy

Originally titled "Handbook for Spies," this is the factual autobiography of a former Soviet agent. Hillman Periodicals # 45. Book is in good condition with soil, edgewear and browned pages. 192 pages, 4 x 6.5. FROM THE PUBLISHER - "I was for three vital years of the war a member and, to a large extent, controller of the Russian spy net in Switzerland which was working against Germany. I was a key link in a network whose lines reached into the heart of the German high command itself. .’ With these words, Alexander Foot, a British subject now working in a Government office, in London, opens his astounding true story of Soviet espionage. Without covering up the facts or preaching he tells how a Russian spy works, what he looks like, how he lives, and what his aims are."

  • Story of a Russian Spy
  • Alexander Foote
  • Hillman Periodicals Inc, 1949