The Checklist of Fantastic Literature

The Checklist of Fantastic Literature is a bibliography of English science fiction, fantasy and weird books compiled and edited by Everett F. Bleiler with a preface by Melvin Korshak and a cover by Hannes Bok.

With a print run of 1,933 copies, it was the first book from Shasta Publishers. The bibliography is nearly complete and lists over 5,000 titles published prior to 1949. The books are listed by author and indexed by title. Willy Ley described it as "indispensable to librarians, book dealers, and especially antiquarians."

Bleiler's signature on front endpaper. This book has a black and white DJ with a Hannes Bok illustration. DJ is browned, edgeworn. Book is generally clean and crisp with little wear or soil. This is a first edition copy of this scarce title. 452 pages; approx. 5'x8". 

  • The Checklist of Fantastic Literature: A Bibliography of Fantasy, Weird and Science Fiction Books Published in the English Language
  • Everett Bleiler
  • Shasta Publishers, 1948
  • First edition