One More Lover

CENTURY BOOK #87. Pages are tanned around the edges and the cover has a little soil. 159 pages.

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Beautiful Beth Haley still hasn’t recovered from the combat death of her husband. Her relations with men have been especially dispiriting. She slept around for two years. Now she’s being kept by generous but conspicuously possessive Peter Boyd, a middle-aged San Francisco businessman. Beth wants to break free but can’t devise an exit strategy. One night Peter shows her off to his nephew Dave, newly arrived from Texas. Dave displays unusual concern for Beth. He has obligations to his uncle and to his fiancée, Irene Dale, back home, however. So any involvement between Dave and Beth is likely to be complicated.

Stonebraker amplifies her standard reassurance that extra-marital sex does not preclude love. If Beth isn’t a hopeless case, she tells her readers, then nobody is. She reinforces the lesson with a long (though not explicit) seduction scene that contains a surprising amount of ambiguity. The book proceeds somewhat roughly after that. The focus often shifts from the protagonist to the supporting characters. When Irene shows up, the tone lightens almost to the point of satire. The final scenes consequently lack dramatic punch. Stonebraker’s audience, however, seeking a mildly titillating tale of romance, was probably not disappointed in the book.

  • One More Lover
  • Thomas Stone (Florence Stonebraker)
  • Century, 1947