Let Out The Beast

"In 1963 a worldwide drought causes a famine, leading to a nuclear war in 1965 between the superstates of Americanada and Europasia. The novel focuses almost exclusively on a reporter and his fiance, struggling to survive in the devastated urban landscape. As the title indicates, the book's theme is the gradual emergence of the bestial nature of the protagonist as civilization crumbles. Beginning as a decent, heroic defender of pure womanhood, he evolves into the notorious leader of a marauding tribe devoted to rape and pillage. After his first wife dies (he later acquires five), he turns savage and is hunted down by an armed expedition seeking to reestablish civilization. At the end of the novel he is depicted as apelike. The narrative does not conclude with his death, however. Even this relentlessly grim tale ends on a hopeful note by depicting a peaceloving group led by a kindly old guru, the reporter's former editor, who used to write bloodthirsty editorials advocating war. "

VERY SCARCE. The original wraps still glued to spine as issued from publisher. Mild page toning and a little edgewear to the wrap.  Coloring on wrap still bright and clean. 159 pages.

  • Let Out the Beast
  • Leonard Fisher
  • Export Publishing Companies, 1950
  • First edition