Fantastic Adventures: November 1941

Clean, crisp copy of this classic pulp. Pages have browned a bit, but colors and nice and bright on the covers. Spine a bit faded. 7 x 10 magazine. Black lettering on the orange, yellow, and green spine with a color illustrated cover by J. Allen St. John illustrating a scene from Edgar Rice Burroughs "The Living Dead."

Stories include: The Living Dead by Edgar Rice Burroughs; Eight Who Came Back by Nat Schachner; Al Addin and the Infra-red Lamp by William P. McGivern; The Man From the Future by Don Wilcox; The Genius of Mr. Pry by Duncan Farnsworth; Henry Horn's Super Solvent by Dwight V. Swain. 146 pages. 

  • Fantastic Adventures: November 1941
  • Volume 3, #9
  • Ziff-Davis Publishers