Fantastic Adventures: July 1942

7 x 10 magazine. 241 pages. Clean and crisp copy, light page browning and faded spine, overall a nice specimen. Yellow and white lettering on the green and orange spine with a color illustrated cover by J. Allen St. John. Contents: The Eagle Man by Don Wilcox; The Return of the Hun by William J. Brittain; The Weird Doom of Floyd Scrilch by Robert Bloch; The Traitor by Arthur T. Harris; Vitality for Murder by Richard O. Lewis; Safari to the Lost Ages by William P. McGivern; The Mystery of Shaft 13 by Robert Moore Williams; Duncan's Dreadful Doll by P.F. Costello; Hokum Hotel by David Wright O'Brien; Men Scared of Nothing by E.K. Jarvis; Headlines for Tod Shayne by August W. Derleth. 

  • Fantastic Adventures: July 1942
  • Volume 4, Number 7
  • Ziff-Davis Publishing, Chicago