Invitation to the Waltz

From Goodreads:

"A diary for her innermost thoughts, a china ornament, a ten-shilling note, and a roll of flame-coloured silk for her first evening dress: these are the gifts Olivia Curtis receives for her seventeenth birthday. She anticipates her first dance, the greatest yet most terrifying event of her restricted social life, with tremulous uncertainty and excitement. For her pretty, charming elder sister Kate, the dance is certain to be a triumph, but what will it be for shy, awkward Olivia?

Exploring the daydreams and miseries attendant upon even the most innocent of social events, Rosamond Lehmann perfectly captures the emotions of a girl standing poised on the threshold of womanhood."

This book is bound in pink cloth boards patterned with green musical notes. Lettering is green on a light pink background. Book is in good condition with tanned pages, foxing to the foredge, faded spine, wear and soil. 309 pages; approx. 5"x8".

  • Rosamond Lehmann
  • Henry Holt and Co., 1932
  • First Edition