My Book House

The classic illustrated collection of children's literature in 12 volumes with the parents guide. This set dates from 1953, and are 7.5 inches by 10 inches. The books have some wear and writing, but bindings are generally tight. Pages are bright. Overall Good condition with some flaws. The set was well known for being sturdy. 

Volumes include: In Your Hands:A Parents Guide which has 220 pages; In the Nursery of My Book House, with 224 pages; Story Time with 224 pages; Up One Pair of Stairs with 224 pages; Through the Gate with 224 pages; Over the Hills with 224 pages; Through Fairy Tales with 224 pages; The Magic Garden with 244 pages; Flying Sails with 224 pages; The Treasure Chest with 244 pages; From the Tower Window with 240 pages; In Shining Armor with 216 pages; and Halls of Fame with 300 pages.

  • My Book House
  • Olive Beaupre Miller, ed.
  • The Book House for Children, Chicago, 1953